Tuesday, October 30, 2018

AppliedNet and NetVu

Sliver Partners

I am extremely pleased to announce Simply Easier Payments is now a Silver Partner fro both NetVu and AppliedNet.

We are committed to the ongoing success of the independent agency channel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Signed Forms and Payments

Requiring a Signed Form With a Payment

There are times as an insurance agent when you need your customer to sign a form in addition to making a payment.

The ACORD 37 Statement of No Losses comes to mind immediately.

Exclusive Feature

We have just added a feature to our invoicing system that allows you to add a form with a certified electronic signature on the form to your invoice.

When your customer clicks the link for the invoice the required, pre-filled form opens with the e-signature field prominently displayed telling your customer they need to sign the document before they can make the payment.

If they do not sign the document the payment screen is not accessible.

Once they do sign the document, the payment screen automatically appears.

Two Tasks with One Invoice

This new feature saves you time because you only need to send one email.

It saves your insured time because they only need to respond to one email.

It saves you both the issue of only getting one or the other task done.