Thursday, February 19, 2009

"How Can You Do This?"

Whenever a product or service seems too good to be true a lot of questions get asked:

- "How can you guys do this?"
- "Is this legal? Why can't we just charge the extra fees ourselves?"

There are many other questions that get asked but those seem to be the most common...accept of course for "How do I sign up!?", and that of course is my favorite question of them all.

As you know Simply Easier Payments offers the best service of all, a free one! We are able to eliminate the high cost of accepting credit card payments for businesses because we work as a third party provider, very similar to the Post Office and delivery companies like UPS. As such, we are allowed to charge the credit card holder an additional Security & Delivery fee for using our secure payment service.

This is legal because once again, we are a third party provider unrelated to the actual business taking the payment. The business itself cannot charge an additional fee for credit card paying customers because of regulations and compliance issues laid out by the credit card associations.

I just wanted to cover some of the most common questions I get from inquiring businesses. Looks like a great weekend coming up, weather wise, so I hope everyone can get out there and enjoy the sun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Letting Your Staff Enter Payments

Many times you will want your staff to enter payments from customers who come into your offices or call you on the phone.

This video shows how that is done using Simply Easier Payments online payment service.

Take Online Payments from Your Website

Here is our most recent video showing how to set your site up to take online payments using Simply Easier Payments. It includes a sample web site with a user taking a payment.

The Blog Benefit

I came across another interesting blog the other day, and as I am learning myself about blogging, this particular one was right up my road. Michael Gass has this great blog called "Fuel Lines" and the blog I want to focus on is "Top 5 Benefits of Having an Agency Blog".

It's a great read and here's a quick excerpt:

"In a recent survey of business technology marketing executives by the research firm MarketingSherpa, blogs were voted the No. 4 tool for generating sales leads. Ultimately, a blog can be highly effective and the most powerful and low-cost new business marketing tool your agency will ever use."

Something so easy to use and free is voted No. 4 tool with everything else out there?!? That's amazing. Within the blog by Michael Gass you get a quick reference of his top 5 benefits which are "Fresh Content, Generate More Traffic, Easy to Use, Inexpensive and A Great New Business Tool". Those are benefits for any business and it's no different for us at Simply Easier Payments.

If you're a beginning blogger like myself, I recommend reading as many other people's blogs as you pick up a lot of ideas and who knows what new information you may pick up that could be beneficial personally!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recurring Billings

Many businesses charge customers a regular, recurring fee. Examples are tuition payments, club memberships, insurance payment plans - even donations or thithing.

Our Recurring Billing module allows you to set these payments up to be automatically charged. I have to tell you it is a wonderful feeling to wake up each morning and check our reports to see how much money was deposited into your account when your recurring billings were run during the night.

Here is a 4 minute and 40 second video showing you how our service works and pointing out issues you will need to consider.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Interesting Article: "Bye-Bye E-Mail?"

We all love mail, whether it's regular postal mail or the e-mail. Everyone is e-mailing each other these days and why not, it's quick, easy and most times free. A lot of business can be accomplished through e-mails too. Basically, the "e-mail" has transformed the way we communicate and we love it.

But something caught my eyes today as I was roaming the Twitter account for Simply Easier Payments. Some other user of Twitter, someone I'm "following", had a link to an article titled "Bye-Bye E-Mail". Obviously I clicked the link and it took me to the "Bye-Bye E-Mail" article.

Here's a quick excerpt from that article:

"Two factors are dramatically changing the e-mail landscape: the recession and social media. Independently, these elements of change wouldn't cause a shake up to the e-mail industry. Together, however, they can have quite an impact."

It's a pretty good read, I recommend taking the time. The thing that's so interesting to me is the social media aspect of it since I've been spending a good bit of time learning my way around integrating various social medias with Simply Easier Payments. In fact I've given you our Twitter account above (follow us!) and you can even find us on Facebook, just look for S Easier Payments and friend us, we would love to have that connection with you.

Obviously we all know it would take a major event for something to make e-mails obsolete, but the obvious joy and convenience of the more "direct" and "personal contact" you get through social medias definitely gives the "e-mail" a run for its money.