Wednesday, December 19, 2018

NetVU Silver Partnership Annoucement

NetVu Partnership Announced

I am excited to introduce you to our newest Silver Corporate Partner – Simply Easier Payments.

Simply Easier Payments was created to focus on two issues:
  1. The high cost of card payments for insurance agents, carriers and premiums finance companies
  2. Navigate the maze of regulatory compliance requirements unique to the insurance industry relating to fees being charged in addition to premiums

Simply Easier Payments addresses:
  1. The need to sign documents at the same time payment is accepted
  2. The need distribute funds electronically to better manage cash flow
  3. Recurring Billing
  4. Invoicing

Simply Easier Payment's value goes beyond the processing of payments, their solutions can be used…
  • Online through your website
  • By phone to your staff or call center
  • Mobile through phone apps they provide
  • Mobile through your own phone apps
  • Integrated into your billing systems
  • Integrated with your IVR systems
  • Integrated with chatbots and Voice Assistants
  • To strengthen customer relations and enhance customer experience.

For a Demo or to Learn more  - contact Calvin Churchill at 800-768-0907 or

Lynn Albertson
Business Development Coordinator
(972) 409-6200

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